I currently cannot offer any of these services as I am employed full time by an epic Drupal company. Thanks for looking!

I am a Front End Web Designer & Developer that has been working with the Drupal Content Management System since 2007. I'm extremely proficient with the latest trends in tech and actively incorporate them to improve my methods. I've taught myself my skill set, continue to add to it, and love self-education. Possessing a degree in Psychology and being a natural people-person allows me to engage productively with the members of my team and bring out the best ideas in all of us. The opportunities I'm looking for include Front End Web Development while working closely and iteratively with a designer; Developer Management, though I still want to code; or Teaching Tech, which is what I'd ultimately like to do.

My Skills

  • Drupal Theming (my specialty)
  • CSS3 with SASS/LESS pre-processors
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Drupal Module Selection & CMS Building
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Web Site Development
  • Version Control - comfortable with branching, difficult merge conflicts, and multiple origins with Git, Mercurial, and love utilizing the Git Flow approach (which I've given presentations on)
  • Browser-based design and prototyping
  • Photoshop
  • Terminal, Bash, & SSH
  • Custom Web Fonts & Fine-Tuned Technical Typography
  • Liquid Layouts
  • Jekyll Site Building & Theming
  • Color Theory (can even create a SASS/LESS powered color scheme from a single color)
  • Browser Compatibility Testing (IE7-11, iPhones/iPads, Android phones/tablets, Windows Phones/Tablets, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)

What I Do

  • Drupal Themer working with bigger teams in a collaborative git-powered environment
  • Conversion of Photoshop Comps to HTML/CSS Themes (and to Drupal/WordPress)
  • Convert existing sites to a liquid responsive web design theme to get a site ready for smartphones & tablets
  • Full site build including design, theming, & CMS building
  • Project Management and/or Development Team Lead
  • Presentations & Lessons on Web Design, Productivity, and Software

Job Recruiters: Please read

  • I'm a freelancer looking to work solely or with a team on specific projects.
  • I prefer to take on sites on project by project basis; though I am very open to developing long term working relationships with agencies and developers.
  • I'm a location independent remote worker. No in-house positions considered. However, I am available for frequent on-site meetings and open to travel.

Who I Work With


I work well with small teams of developers and can design sites suited to plug into back end frameworks easily. I bridge the gap between the designers, the back-end developers, and the client to make sure what they see (the front end) is what was promised to the client and envisioned by the designer.


Need some extra help with a lot of front-end web development work? Need some designs turned to CSS & HTML? Pull me onto your team for a serious boost in productivity. I love to work with agencies on an ongoing basis helping on project after project. I'm reliable and consistent with my work output and can fit into a myriad of different teams very well.

Some agencies I've worked with before

My Approach

Website Design & Theme Development

I implement an iterative, agile approach to developing a web site design. I want to mold a site with the involvement and influence of the client through defining our goals, designing & building it, then reviewing the result and reiterating on it by going through another define, design, & build cycle.

I prefer to build systems of design and styling patterns (also known as modules, components, or even widgets) that can be used to build many different page styles instead of styling each and every page. I strive to create Content Management Systems that allow the client to not only manage the content of the site, but the basic layout of the site as well (while preserving the finely tuned look by the designer).

My goal is to take three to five design comps and hopefully a style guide and then turn that into a collection of reusable patterns and fundamental page layouts for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices that can be used to create several dozens of possible layouts that will allow the client to create several hundred pages that fit in a cohesively designed whole. See below for an example.

Pages that I would style from comps for a Drupal site

  • Patterns page that showed every component of the site that appeared in more than one spot; this is also the page to do the site styling (header, footer, etc)
  • Typography page
  • Layouts page(s) demonstrating all combinations of sidebars and content regions; also demonstrates how media query breakpoints work for mobile devices
  • A page showing every field that would get used in more than one content type
  • A generic view listing of a generic teaser display type
  • One page per content type (styled after the fields page)
  • Any custom display type for content types
  • Any specific pages that aren't covered yet

CMS of Choice: The Customizable Powerhouse, Drupal

One of the most powerful and customizable Content Management Systems on the Internet is Drupal. Powering big sites like The White House, Twitter's Developer's Site, IKEA, The Lourve, Best Buy Mobile, Paramount Pictures, and a whole host of other sites. It is highly customizable and can be adapted to suit hundreds of situations.

I am a seasoned Drupal Themer and would make a great addition to any team needing help with the front end of a Drupal theme or needed designs turned in to a Drupal Theme.

If you want a complete Drupal solution, then I can help with the project from start to finish; taking on the whole site build myself for small to medium projects, or pulling in preferred partners to assist in building your vision.

What I Don't Do

  • Data migration
  • Logo & branding work
  • Copy creation
  • Custom Drupal modules
  • Email Templates
  • Blackberry Compatibility
  • IE6 Compatibility
  • White Label work (also known as Silent Subcontracting) - basically I want to be able to my work on my portfolio (with due credit given where deserved to other team members of course)
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Hosting and domain names