Double Border Button with Negative Border Radius

I'm working on a project and I get the designs for this button style and I am really happy how it all came together. At first I thought that a CodePen I came across talking about double border buttons would help, but it didn't ultimately. Then I came across the excellent negative border radius example by Lea Verou and it really helped, but it didn't address the double borders.

Great article on work/life balance for high stress jobs and prioritizing family

Starting your own business can throw a wrench in your work/life balance. If you’re not careful, the relentless focus on work can deteriorate your home life and personal relationships. Scott Weiss, parter at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, writes about how he was a jerk during his CEO years and what he learned. “While I was focused, motivating, articulate, and decisive at work, I was inconsiderate, preoccupied, self-centered, and lazy at home,” he says noting that when he got home he just wanted to veg out and watch TV. He then outlines a few adjustments that helped him restore the sanity.

One idea: treat personal engagements as more sacred than work ones and put them on the calendar as if they were any other meeting.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone on sale

An essential and totally favorite iPhone app (though I wish they'd do an iPad version!) is on sale for $2 (normally $5). I love how they have Reminders support as well as I use it for the days tasks after pulling it from the master task list in OmniFocus. Anyway, check it out; it's a great one!

A Website I Worked On Won a Responsive Web Design Award!


I recently found out that the Sutter Home Winery project I worked on with The New Group has won an award for Responsive Web Design! I handled the mobile, tablet, and desktop Drupal theming of the book section of that site while working along side other developers from The New Group. Congratulations to the team at The New Group!

The Award Description

Responsive Design

Browser compatibility is for beginners. Elegance across 10 different laptops, 8 tablets, and 605 styles of smart phones takes next level developer mojo. Show me your mojo.

Grunt for People Who Think Things Like Grunt are Weird and Hard

Front-end developers are often told to do certain things:

  • Work in as small chunks of CSS and JavaScript as makes sense to you, then concatenate them together for the production website.
  • Compress your CSS and minify your JavaScript to make their file sizes as small as possible for your production website.
  • Optimize your images to reduce their file size without affecting quality.
  • Use Sass for CSS authoring because of all the useful abstraction it allows.
  • That’s not a comprehensive list of course, but those are the kind of things we need to do. You might call them tasks.

I bet you’ve heard of Grunt. Well, Grunt is a task runner. Grunt can do all of those things for you. Once you’ve got it set up, which isn’t particularly difficult, those things can happen automatically without you having to think about them again.

But let’s face it: Grunt is one of those fancy newfangled things that all the cool kids seem to be using but at first glance feels strange and intimidating. I hear you. This article is for you.

Facebook Patents Inferring Income of Users

Among the patents granted to Facebook this week by the USPTO is one for Inferring Household Income for Users of a Social Networking System. 'For example,' Facebook explains, 'an assumption might be made about a user that reads and every day that the user is in a higher income bracket than another user that only reads and on the theory that a user who reads newspapers might be assumed to make more money than a user who only reads celebrity gossip blogs.' Advertisements such as those for travel packages, cars, and home mortgages, Facebook adds, 'are targeted to users based on income bracket,' which might also be inferred by 'gathering and analyzing different types of information about a user's geographic location.' Hey, what could go wrong?