I made an Alfred Workflow for Text and Code Snippets

I made a nice Alfred workflow for searching through a folder of plain text file snippets that copies the contents and then inserts it into your current focus point. Additionally, it's easy to see, search, and set Mavericks tags on the snippets. Since the whole storage of snippets is done with the file system, it makes it really easy to add and edit the snippets with other means. Go check it out!

Getting Dropbox Direct Links via Shared Links with Alfred

When you share an image (or any file) with Dropbox, it sends people to a page that wraps that file in an HTML page that is Dropbox branded. Here is an easy way using Alfred (with it's paid Powerpack) to get a link that links directly to the file. This is useful for using as the src in an <img> tag. I often use it in a wiki or a task management site like Jira or Redmine to show a screenshot. All we need to do is replace www.dropbox with dl.dropboxusercontent in the share link, like my friend Ryan points out.

I added a Review Section to my site!

Well, the new Review Section is more of a page at the moment as it's simply a list of products that I like a lot. I try and add a bit of commentary where needed. I've started with some basic sorting to break things into Outdoor Gear, Drinks equipment (apparently I'm really into different drinks...), and Tech Gear (though I don't have software recommendations – I keep those here). I'll keeping this one page up to date with the gear I'm loving; hope you get some use out of it!

I'm now at Phase 2 as a Drupal Developer!

I'm incredibly pleased to come onboard with one of the best Drupal agencies, Phase2! I'm looking forward to pushing my front end web development and responsive web design skills to another level, and I can't really think of a better spot than there. Being a freelance contractor allows a wonderfully flexible situation to work on the skills you want to grow, but once you know what you want to do, you want to do it with the best around. I'm excited to learn and share from such a passionate, driven team as Phase 2. Here's to my next phase! ;)