Hi! I’m Evan, and I theme Drupal websites with a responsive, mobile approach.

I am a front end web developer & designer who crafts websites that are easy to use and powerful. A love of liquid and responsive site design makes sure your site looks good on big monitors and small mobile devices (try resizing your browser on this site!) Clients and teams love to work with me because of my friendly attitude and my contagious passion.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I made an Alfred Workflow for Text and Code Snippets

I made a nice Alfred workflow for searching through a folder of plain text file snippets that copies the contents and then inserts it into your current focus point. Additionally, it's easy to see, search, and set Mavericks tags on the snippets. Since the whole storage of snippets is done with the file system, it makes it really easy to add and edit the snippets with other means. Go check it out!

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